I’m ‘Jessi’!

A young visual artist from Colombia.

«At the age of 14 I moved to Curaçao to live with my mother, where I started immediately to follow painting lessons at a cultural center. My passion for art evolved and it became an irrevocable choice to become an artist.

My work manifests often intuitively. I usually take a topic from my personal life that moves me emotionally and put it in a wider context trying to address minorities in society or draw attention towards a hypothetical future. In the creative process I give myself lots of freedom, gambling with new materials, flexibility makes me able to discover techniques that typify me.

Using diverse mediums to express, many works are perceived as complex, primitive, and futuristic simultaneously. A discordance that brings confusion. I frequently intend to bring back the value of something, (mostly human’s relationships), while using that ambivalence.

It’ll be impossible to explain everything that gets materialized from an intuitive response. It’s more important if the outcome is evocative enough to tease someone to make a story. Although there is an intention behind. What a work evokes to the audience, is the meaning».


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2007-2015- Cultureel Centrum Curaçao – Painting

2011- 2013- 2015 Took plein air painting techniques by international artists at the Plein Air Festival, organized by Art Foundation Curacao

2012-   Cultural workshop at the Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba- Mural painting

2014-  Landscape painting in Florence, Italy

2014- Languages at UDC, University of the Dutch Caribbean

2015-  CCC, Cultural Center Curacao, make-up and body painting

2013- 2016-  IBB, Institute for contemporary art

2018-2019-  MCAD, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, semester in cinema studies

2016- 2020 University of Arts, The Hague



-German (Learning…)


2020- Credential Journeys, installation at the University of Arts, The Hague

2020- Artist talk at Crooswijk Gallery for the «All you can art», Summer-school 2020

2020- Kunsthal Museum Rotterdam, exhibited 3 paintings and one interactive sculpture ‘The postbox’

2019- Note to self, 2nd floor of Helena building at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, The Hague

2019- Serious business, main floor Helena building at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, The Hague

2019- Out of frames, at KABK’s chapel and the Blijenburg’s hall

2018- To dee or not to dee, Gallery 3, Royal Academy of the Hague

2016- Sugar (delicia maligna), Installation at IBB’s Esmeralda building, curaçao

2015- The conscience is present, at IBB, contemporary institute

2014- Matches fire at IBB’s project’s space, Curaçao

2013- Participated in the making of the fish pond song- Out of space, Jeroen’s Kooijmans and Elspeth Diederix project

2012- Afro-latin culture, a  painting in collaboration at la Casa del Caribe, Santiago de Cuba



2019 – Is it sunny outside? Public intervention at the Hague’s central station, park, and project space of KABK

2017- Wabi sabi, at Nicolas’ house, the Hague

2017- Media invasion, at KABK’s photography classroom

2016- Reliability in dark- At the Haagse bos, during night

2016- Ideal Uv- protection, Group’s manifestation at Curacao’s city center

2016- One minute sculptures, group performance along the water-fort straat of Curaçao

2015- The fighter, at the Emma bridge of Curaçao

2015- Painting performance without any preparation in the public space, at Playa Canoa, Curaçao

2013- Under the table, IBB’s project space